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JD Stewart was born and raised in a tiny village in Scotland. He attended Stirling University to study English when he was 17. After graduating, he worked in Guest Services for an outdoor education center all over England. 

In 2012, he moved to Daegu, South Korea, to become an English teacher. While there, he reignited his love of theatre and performed in numerous productions. He also co-wrote his first full-length play. This new found talent for writing led him to New York City to undertake an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (2015-2017).

JD is very lucky to have had his work performed and workshopped on two continents. Baggage Claim (Daegu, South Korea 2013), Struan, a modernized adaptation of Medea with men, (NYC, 2016), Kaleidoscope (NYC, 2017). He is also the writer of the short film The Fabric of Life (dir. Jamie Cristello, 2017) and over fifty storybooks to assist with students learning English as a foreign language in China and South Korea.

In 2017, he will make his New York City theatre debut in his self-written show Gay Boy, as part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City.

In 2016, JD was awarded a Dewar Arts Award, was a finalist in the Aspen Theatre Masters Program with The Bachelor: Creatures of Legend. He is a recipient of a Tisch Scholarship, Dramatic Writing Scholarship, and J. S. Seidman Scholarship. He lives in New York City.




fluidity part one: movement

Mentored by Eduardo Machado & Kris Diaz.


In the near future, a sexually transmitted disease called APiD (Affected Pulmonary Immune Disorder) has wiped out 85% of the world’s heterosexual population. After discovery of the gene for homosexuality, the government began sexual conscription – changing homosexuals (Specials) to heterosexuals (Standards) to repopulate the earth. This initial wave of what the government calls Movement caused many problems, inspiring one Doctor to experiment with memory hazing to make the process easier.

Next Stage Green

Mentored by Oskar Eustis, Rinne Groff & Suzan-Lori Parks.

Joe and Stacey have been together for a little over a year. When Stacey finds an engagement ring in Joe's jacket pocket - she assumes he's ready to take the next step. However, she doesn't realize the ring isn't for her - it's actually for Tom, Joe's gay roommate who is dying of cancer. On the eve of their final Green Card meeting and the morning before - secrets come out amongst all three, that are sure to change their lives forever. 


Mentored by Eduardo Machado and Ashley Wren Collins.

Medea gets a bold and battering 21st century modernization...with men. Struan's husband, Jason, has left him for a new bride, Sophia. Rather than fall foul to heartbreak, Struan exacts a plan of revenge on his ex-husband, their shared two children, and the new bride in the form of murder. Struan's Nanny and Publicist play integral roles in a love triangle while also acting as a traditional Greek chorus.

buy tickets for gay boy here. read about gay boy here


gay boy in timeout nyc!


GAY BOY has received coverage in TimeOut NYC - click the link above to check it out. Word on the street is that it will also be featured in print this coming Wednesday, August 6th, 2017 - the same day as Opening Night! There's a picture mash-up of the feature below in the Instagram section!

GAY BOY - 2017.jpg

GAY BOY at TNC's DREAM UP Festival 2017.

Gay Boy is the provocative account of some sort of gay man living some sort of life as an English Teacher in South Korea. His best friend Stella has been cheating on her girlfriend, behavior Gay Boy detests, but this doesn't prevent him from sleeping with as many men as possible. To add to his list of first world problems, his mum won't stop calling and all the porn websites in Korea are blocked. At least the new guy at work wears skinny jeans to provide distraction, or not. On the surface, Gay Boy may seem like a typical gay boy: highly sexed, sassy, and reveling in both. But when his vulnerability surfaces after a one-night stand, truths about his past are finally revealed.


Buy Tickets for GAY BOY through the link above!

Graduation - complete!

After two years, lots of hard work, tears, sweat, and joy - I graduated from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts with an MFA in Dramatic Writing. I was also honored to receive the MFA Chair's Award in Dramatic Writing. Now, it's on to the future!

the fabric of life at brooklyn college tv mfa showcase

On May 26, 2017, I attended a screening at Macaulay Honors College, which included the short film I wrote - The Fabric of Life.

It was directed by the wonderful Jamie Cristello and was every bit what I imagined on screen. Thanks, Jamie!

white rabbit: sexcapades, february 2017

I was very lucky to be selected to be a part of the 2017 White Rabbit show Sexcapades at the Duplex Theater on Christopher Street over Valentine's Day weekend 2017. 

We came together as writers three months before and were given various prompts to work with - to say it was easy would be very wrong! It was most definitely a lot of fun! The ten-minute piece I wrote, titled Kaleidoscope was direcected by Matt Philips and starred the wonderful Frank Mayers and Malcolm Jamal King. The two performance nights were completely sold out!

struan staged reading, august 2016.


After completing my modernized adaptation of Medea, with men, I was extremely lucky to have a staged reading at The Goldberg Theater in August. It was a wonderful night and the cast did an outstanding job. I look forward to working on this piece more in the future!


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